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So, I am not digging this 'changing world' bullshit. Not in the…

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So, I am not digging this 'changing world' bullshit. Not in the least. Really not feeling the 'lets drink every night of the remaining summer 'till we puke' bullshit. Certainly not a fan of the 'Chris' girlfriend is 21 so she'll buy us booze' bullshit. I'm sick and tired of the 'Chris is a flake because he has more friends than just us and wants to see them' bullshit'. Finally I'm totally fucking over the 'we must do everything in a group, if you are not with the group at all times you are not a group member' bullshit.

I say to all of this: bullshit. Grow the fuck up. Stop acting like a goddamn cult.

I say 'changing world' cause I was quite content until the 8th of September, when Davis was still my own town, when people came and went and either I dealt with them or I didn't, but I didn't have to put up with their ridiculous and inane beliefs/situations/conversations/relationships (take your pick).

The people who inhabit my apartment building (my friends) are cultish, brutish, nasty and xenophobic. They are ruled by the concept that in order to function as human beings there must be suffering so they create it (see: Palahniuk, Haunted).

They're junkies. Their drugs just don't come in powders or crystals, they don't shoot them, though they do ingest them, often and without thought. Alcohol, nicotine, endorphines, jizm, and absurd, unnecessary and obnoxious suffering-drama (see: Burroughes, Naked Lunch).

Me, I'm content to have my books, my music and maybe a few dvds here and there, I like an evening at home cooking dinner and just chatting. I do not feel the need to do everything with these people, they're not that fun to be with honestly, they treat people badly, they treat me badly, and god knows they treat Vanessa badly.

So... yeah.

I'm pretty sick of it. They should cut it out.

Thats it I guess. I guess I'm just frustrated with the whole concept that aligns this group, the social entity that is Charlie and Sarah, this hegemon of drunken, depraved and dysfunctional situations...
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On September 28th, 2007 06:46 am (UTC), gooberthered commented:
almost puts boulder in a different light
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