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So, I have an apartment now, I really do, it's in the middle of…

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So, I have an apartment now, I really do, it's in the middle of downtown Davis is costing me five hundred a month and I have yet to move into it. I've been at Vanessa's place since last week... this may be getting a little ridiculous. Maybe... The good news: I like her, a lot. She's fucking awesome to be around and its fun doing absolutely nothing with her. More good news: I haven't had a cigarette in fifty six hours, and before that I had one a day for three days. I may actually kick this bleeding habit. I wish I could say that there aren't cravings but there are, they're pretty heinous sometimes too... but it's getting better and the physical ticks are retreating quickly, hopefully the mental addiction will be simpler. I can drink and not smoke now which is new for me... its been a long time for me to have a beer without a cigarette. I just hope I can stick with it... I haven't even pulled any ornery shit on anyone... well not yet anyway... we'll see what happens. I'm doing all this cold turkey which is pretty tough I guess.
I should probably contemplate moving into my apartment sometime soon..... huh.... I don't pay rent until July.... we'll see......
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